Team Member

Hester Tang

Hester completed her undergraduate studies in zoology and veterinary technology at the University of Queensland. She enjoyed learning about microbiology, zoonotic disease transmission, and how these contributed to the One Health concept.

Hester decided to follow her interests and undertook a honours project and PhD in veterinary epidemiology. Her research focused on the molecular and spatial epidemiology of a zoonotic antimicrobial-resistant bacteria (methicillin-resistant Staphylococci) carried in dogs, cats, and horses. She explored the prevalent strains of concern, and environmental risk factors for carriage and investigated transmission dynamics based on animal movement networks. During this time, Hester worked as a university tutor teaching microbiology and One Health classes and as a research assistant on various epidemiological projects.

Hester joined the Ausvet team as an epidemiologist consultant in early 2022. This job allows her to work on a range of projects related to her interests whilst expanding her skillset as an epidemiologist.

In her downtime, Hester loves spending time outdoors, reading, painting, and watching horror movies (but never alone!).