Team Member

Dr James Torpy

James is a computational biologist and data analyst with an interest in using big data to provide insights into disease. He began his career in medical research at the Garvan Institute in Sydney, working with a range of computational tools, languages and data infrastructure to analyse cancer genome sequencing data, characterise patient-specific tumours and improve their diagnosis. He also completed a PhD in computational cancer biology at the Garvan, analysing human genome data to identify and characterise subgroups of breast cancer cells with metastatic potential.

James recently joined Ausvet as a consultant data analyst with the goal of working on a range of disease-centric data to provide solutions to complex, real world epidemiological problems. During this time, he has contributed to projects such as a risk assessment for lumpy skin disease incursions for the Australian government, the management and use of a large bank of Golden Retriever hemangiosarcoma data for the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, and the development of a cutting edge farm management and livestock disease diagnosis system to be deployed in Vietnam.

In his free time, James enjoys playing bass guitar, cycling and running, in addition to spending time at the beach with his family.