Team Member

Prama Rangga Respati

Prama is a Veterinarian from Indonesia who has a big interest in Livestock Industries.
After graduated from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, he started to work and gained experience in the feedlot industry at Lampung, Sumatra. To deepen his knowledge and experience in the field of supply chain, and public health, he moved to Australia and worked as meat safety inspector at a private meat factory in Gympie, Queensland. He then moved back to Indonesia and worked as a meat procurement officer to get more understanding of meat import process. And now he joins the Ausvet as a Veterinary Officer and working in the project of Indonesia Biosecurity Support for FMD ( Food and Mouth Disease) and LSD ( Lumpy Skin Disease) outbreak in Indonesia. We aim to create a good and efficient biosecurity system as first line of defense against the disease including FMD and LSD, and prevent the feedlot or small holder farm from suffering more loses.
In his spare time he likes to do photography