Team Member

Havan Yusuf

Havan is a veterinarian who graduated from the University of Airlangga. He then completed a double degree: a master’s program in Bio-Veterinary Science from Kasetsart University and a Master of Science from Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse under the InterRisk program. Havan has over five-year experience working on various Indonesian multisectoral research and/or governmental projects. Specifically, those experience includes working as a program manager for the One Health collaborating center at the university of Airlangga, resource mobilization manager for the Indonesia One Health University Network as well as animal surveillance lead for the Ausvet prevalensi-Fleming fund country grant. In 2021, he started working for Ausvet as Indonesia Project Coordinator for TRANSFORM. Havan will also be starting his Ph.D. in 2022 in parallel to his activities as a project coordinator.

Havan’s studies, community work as a student, and later his work experience sharpened in him a strong interest in epidemiology, antimicrobial resistance and usage, and animal health information system.