Ausvet Europe

Global consultants working for better health through applied transdisciplinary sciences

Epidemiology, social sciences, statistics, information technology, development sciences, economics

What we do… and how we do it!

Real world solutions

Committed to providing affordable, sustainable solutions which bring broad-based benefit. Our innovative people-centred approach improves the lives of millions of people and animals all over the world.


Our epidemiologists work closely with our in-house team of experts in development, sociology and information technology. Using a One Health framework allows us to deliver results that reflect the complexity of real-world challenges.

Innovative science

Our staff are trained specialists with strong scientific backgrounds and many years of field experience. We combine practice and theory to provide innovative, affordable and fit-for-purpose solutions.

Ausvet epidemiology

Ausvet improves the health and well-being of animals, people and plants. Finding patterns of diseases in populations to understand their causes and to improve their control.

Who we are

Ausvet Europe is a wholly-owned French-registered subsidiary of the Ausvet Group. We work in close partnership with our Australian-based sister company, Ausvet. While both companies work globally and interchangeably, Ausvet Europe tends to focus on serving the needs of European clients.

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What we do

We provide global consulting services in epidemiology, disease surveillance, health information systems, biosecurity, risk assessment, research and data analysis and project management. We also train others in these areas, especially in the novel epidemiological methods Ausvet has pioneered.

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Our Team

Ausvet Europe benefits from a skilled and passionate leadership team to guide the company and a growing group of experienced and energetic consultants who respond to each new challenge with rigor and pragmatism.

profile photo of Angus Cameron See Profile

Dr Angus Cameron


Director General (Ausvet Europe), Director (Ausvet) & Executive Consultant (Epidemiology)

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Catriona Mackenzie

BA(Sociology) MInt&CDev

Director General (Ausvet Europe), Consultant (Social Science and Development)

4 corporate offices worldwide

55 countries we have worked with

27 + years providing solutions